Technical details
Type sloper
Size L
Material fiberglass
Price 339.47 €


Dimensions 55,5x47x13 cm
Weight 2,3 kg
Nr. of pieces in set 1
Nr. of T-nuts /
Fixing screw-ons
Dual texture yes

The 360 Holds collection family would not be complete without the Juggy Balls line. Since its release, this relatively new variety has become an immediate favourite.

One dual texture GRP volume is included in the 316DT Juggy Balls package. The extra, extra-large volume falls under the category of semi low profile volumes, with dimensions of 55,5 x 47 x 13. As a grip, this piece has a very comfortable rounded slopey jug. The new Juggy Balls update is a must have for any holds collection. The volume's simple yet functional design provides for a number of creative possibilities. Overhangs, dynos, slabs, and whatever else the setters can think of are all possibilities. The product's dual texture makes it ideal for the modern style of routesetting.

The 316DT Jugg Ball has screw-on holes that allows it to be attached with wooden screws.