Technical details
Type edge
Size XL
Material fiberglass
Price 325.89 €


Dimensions 70,5x56,5x5 cm
Weight 3,65 kg
Nr. of pieces in set 1
Nr. of T-nuts /
Fixing screw-ons
Dual texture yes

The 360 Holds catalogue would not be complete without the Juggy Balls range. Featuring so many classic products that it became one of the most famous 360 families.

The 313 Juggy Balls set includes one extra-large GRP volume produced in dual texture. The extra, extra-large volume with the dimensions of 70,5 x 56,5 x 5 falls into the category of very low profile volumes. The gripping surface on this piece is a very comfortable rounded crimpy jug. Definitely a shapers favourite of the new Juggy Balls update. The low profile of the volume and the dual texture offers an infinite number creative ways to use this piece. Great for overhangs, dynos, slabs and just about anything your mind can imagine.

Designed to be fixed with wooden screws only so it doesn’t feature any bolt holes for attachment. No need to limit yourself with the location of the t-nuts as the screw holes offer attachment anywhere on the wall.