Technical details
Type sloper
Size XL
Material fiberglass
Price 420.94 €


Dimensions 86,5x67,5x18 cm
Weight 5,95 kg
Nr. of pieces in set 1
Nr. of T-nuts /
Fixing screw-ons
Dual texture yes

The Juggy Balls family is one of the most well-known ranges within the 360 holds catalogue. Famous for its comfortable juggy gripping surface and for always looking incredibly good on the wall.

The 312 Juggy Balls set features one extra, extra-large dual texture glass reinforced plastic volume. The dimensions of the volume are 86,5 x 67,5 x 18 cm, which makes it a double extra-large volume but rather low profile for its size. The juggy gripping surface is somewhat open handed but very comfortable. The grip easily fits two hands at the same time. Very useful for overhangs, dynamic moves or easier beginner climbs on lower angled walls. The lower side of the volume is slippery, zero friction rounded sloper. The dual texture makes this volume perfect for modern style routesetting that’s full of stacking and blocking.

This product is designed to be fixed with wooden screws only so it doesn’t feature any bolt holes for attachment.