Technical details
Type sloper
Size M
Material fiberglass
Price 339.47 €
Dimensions 39x28x17 cm
Weight 1,85 kg
Nr. of pieces in set 1
Nr. of T-nuts /
Fixing screw-ons
Dual texture yes

The Juggy Balls, a range has proven again and again to be a must have for every gym out there, as it offers some amazing setting and climbing possibilities.

The 308DT range includes one extra-large dual texture GRP volumes. The dimensions of the volume are 39 x 28 x 17 cm, making it rather high profile for its size. The grip is an open handed jug that can easily fit two hands. The design of the shape makes it a perfect tool for overhanging climbs, big dynos or easier, beginner routes and boulders. Dual texture makes it easier for routesetters to force certain kinds of moves as the slippery part of the volume is very hard to grip or stand on.

The 308DT Juggy Balls is equipped with screw-on holes for fixing with wooden screws.