Technical details
Type sloper
Size M
Material fiberglass
Price 258.64 €
Dimensions 39x28x17 cm
Weight 1,85 kg
Nr. of pieces in set 1
Nr. of T-nuts /
Fixing screw-ons
Dual texture no

You can’t spell 360 without Juggy balls. The range has proven again and again to be a must have for every gym out there, as it offers some amazing setting and climbing possibilities.

The 308 range includes one extra-large single texture GRP volumes. The dimensions of the volume are 39 x 28 x 17 cm, making it rather high profile for its size. The grip is an open handed jug that can easily fit two hands. The design of the shape makes it a perfect tool for overhanging climbs, big dynos or easier, beginner routes and boulders. The 308 Juggy Ball is a single texture piece which means that setters and climbers will be able to use the whole surface of the volume. Open handed jug on one side and a perfect round sloper on the other.

The 308 Juggy Balls is equipped with screw-on holes for fixing with wooden screws.